Subversive Truth

Subversive Truth is dedicated to telling the largely untold history of people who did not back down and did not sell out--those who stood firm for the cause of a just, egalitarian society of dignity and respect for all human beings.

Subversive Truth currently supports two projects: Subversive Truth Trading Cards and Subversive Truth News and Information. Links to both are found at the top of the page.

We hope that Subversive Truth Trading Cards will educate and stimulate interest in the rich history of social activism in America and throughout the world. Capitalist media and culture ignore and misrepresent history for their own purposes. These cards open the door to the truth: that our past and present are filled with genuine heroes and inspirational events.

We call ourselves Subversive Truth because it is our intention to subvert the false values and lies of capitalist culture: that greed, competition, consumerism, heartless egotism, social fragmentation, war and ecological catastrophe are the destiny of mankind.

In response we propose a different truth. A truth illustrated by the ideas, lives and sacrifices of the extraordinary human beings depicted on Subversive Truth Trading Cards--the truth of cooperation, mutual aid, respect, dignity and joy in human love.

We also present Subversive Truth News and Information.  Subversive Truth News and Information is the alternative to the propaganda presented by corporate newspapers, networks and outlets to distract and confuse us. It brings together dozens of the best non-corporate news and TV/Video websites into one convenient web location. It also presents a wide variety of progressive and radical websites organized by category. 

Contact: SubversiveTruthTradingCards@gmail.com